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Student at JU

Wetterhälsan Munksjöstaden cooperates with Jönköping University for the benefit of international students

Healthcare center opening hours for consultancy: Monday –  Thursday  8 am – 4.45 pm, Friday 8 am – 11.30 am.

Restrictions Covid -19
Stay home if you are ill If you have a fever, a cough, a runny nose or a sore throat, you are to stay home and avoid contact with anyone other than those you live with. Even if you feel only mildly unwell, you are to stay home. Stay home until you are fully recovered plus two more days. This is to avoid infecting others.

To book a visit: Call 010-242 66 77, press 9 and leave a well-articulated message. A nurse will return your call as soon as possible to make an appointment for you.

Visiting adress: Barnarpsgatan 111, Jönköping (located in Munksjöstaden).

By bus: Bus 28 pass by the Wetterhälsan Munksjöstaden healthcare center. Disembark at busstop Munksjöstaden.

Depending on symptoms you will meet with either a nurse, a physical therapist or a medical doctor.

International students! You need to know the following

At Wetterhälsan Munksjöstaden healthcare center international students may also seek assistance with applying for Health Insurance Benefits. However, this is only applicable for students from outside of the European Union and EES-countries for whom the university, in conjunction with The Swedish Chamber of Commerce, have signed an agreement constituting a state-regulated insurance for fee-paying international students. Health care costs for such students are regulated between Wetterhälsan, Jönköping university and an insurance company. Please note that all students need to pay for their doctors visit themselves and can then claim back the amount from Kammarkollegiet through their claim forms: :

Students resident in an EU/EES country are, however, not covered by this insurance and must pay a patient fee of 250 SEK. A valid European Health Insurance Card must be presented when visiting the healthcare center. The authorities of your own European country of permanent residence will then, as per European agreements, pay the remainder of the fee.